Our Program

A New Beginning's Women's Recovery Home at the farm in Green Spring accommodates up to 6 adult females.


A long term stay is necessary to allow the body time to clear from substances, the person to begin to acknowledge and examine the issues that brought them to addiction, and the brain time to build new neural pathways that will help them be successful once no longer in our program. 


Our 6-month (or longer as needed) program consists of three phases:


  1. Acceptance -- Month 1

  2. Discovery -- Months 2 - 3    

  3. Awakening -- Months 4 – 6


Ideally, progression through phases follows the above timetable, but everyone is different and phase progression is determined by ANBI staff and  based on individual goal accomplishment.

For complete details of our phases, click here.

Additionally, our residents enjoy: 


  • Yoga

  • Nutrition

  • Sustainability (gardening, animal care, recycling)

  • Craft and art therapies


NOTE: The first 60 days in residence are totally focused on recovery (no outside employment).

Program Fees: $475 First Month, $350/month thereafter.

The first step is to complete and submit our Resident Application.


A New Beginning is a nonprofit organization located in Hampshire County, West Virginia helping people recover from addiction.

A New Beginning Inc, 4670 Greenspring Valley Rd., Green Spring, WV 26722  |  www.ANewBeginningInc.org info@anewbeginninginc.org

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